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Terms & Conditions

1. You have to accept that Instagram changes all the time, so occasionally you have the potential to hit temporary blocks due to changes on their end, in the event this happens we extend the plan for longer to make up for days missed. Although we’ve never seen an account deleted or disabled from this, you must realize that by doing this program, you are going against instagram’s terms of service and in the future maybe they might get more strict. We are not responsible if your account gets deleted, you're using this at your own risk.  


2. Results vary upon content.

Once everything is set up we’ll run the account to the best of our ability essentially giving you the advertising, but it’s up to you to provide content that will convert.



3. If you do not get results after thirty days of using the service or a year subscription you are entitled to extend the growth plan until we hit your goals. Due to high overhead costs we do not provide refunds or partial refunds. We do not refund users that keep the subscription running even if they forget or any other reason you are fully responsible to reach out to use to cancel your subscription you will receive monthly emails with a notice before the charge with a cancellation option. We are not liable for charges if you forget to cancel. If you are not satisfied with the performance and results obtained we can extend the term of your plan. We do not offer a refund policy for change of mind or if you want to stop using our service during your paid month. If you have acquired a subscription and are waiting to get set up and decide to cancel you are not eligible for a refund. 

Much like a Facebook AD, there’s no refunds under any circumstances.

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