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AI-Lead Generation Program

Get more engagement, An Authentic Audience, and Views by having your IG interact with your competitor's followers on autopilot

Benefits of Our Service:

❤️ Increase in Daily Engagement & Followers

📈 Increased Daily Profile Views

🔍 Niche Audience Targeting

📍 Location Targeting

#️⃣ Hashtag Targeting

😈 Competitor Targeting

📧 Text/Email Support

💰 Pricing: $300 per month subscription 

🤔 How It Works

  1. You provide us with a list of accounts or hashtags that you want to target.

  2. Our program will view these target followers' stories, up to 100k actions per day for maximum organic exposure. 

  3. This will trigger notification responses & generate an increase in Profile Visits to your Instagram profile. The conversion rate will vary depending on your content + offer, etc. On average most clients get 50 to 300 followers per day, however, a specific number isn't guaranteed because it's based a lot on your content. 



In order to engage with targeted accounts on your behalf, we need to temporarily access your IG account. Also, Auto-pilot IG growth is not static. IG is constantly updating its algorithm and we must do the same to match. This may lead to unavoidable periods of inactivity. There are no refunds for downtime or if this method is patched abruptly. Although clients are enjoying this method risk-free with no issues currently. CK Media & its partners cannot be held liable if your account is blocked or banned for utilizing this service (if for some reason Instagram decides to ban this strategy) 

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