Generating Leads Was never this easy! 📨

Get more reach & leads by HAVING US SEND DMs To your competitor’s followers!

📝 About CK Media's Direct Advertising Campaigns

- Send up to 30 Million on IG, Discord or Twitter! Direct Messages (DMs) on your behalf without sending them one-by-one at scale

- Reach anyone you want, including your competitor’s following

- Precise and detailed targeting options

- More sales, more traffic, brand awareness, and more connections are the objective of the game! 


"What are your prices?"

Instagram Direct Messaging Campaigns: 


50K DMs for $500

100K DMs for $1000

200K DMs for $1750

500K DMs for $2850


Recommended Campaigns for Optimum Results ⬇️


1M DMs for $5500

2M DMs for $9500

4M DMs for $18,000

8M DMs for $36,000

16M DMs for $72,000


How does the service work? 


You give us a list of 10-30 usernames pages that would have a following that would most likely be interested in your product or service! For NFT projects, find active projects that have a similar form of artwork and community, by targetting their active users, we can grow a group of targetted buyers for you! 


Afterward, I’ll help you write a high conversion direct message and I’ll DM all those followers from OUR accounts to promote your product or service.


How long does it take to finish? 


All orders are finished typically within 24-48 hours but results can be seen for several days!

Discord orders take 48 to 72 hours on average.

Twitter orders can take 5-7 days to begin. 


How long many leads / followers will I get? 


For example, one of our BBL plastic surgeons clients was able to receive 442 inbound messages and grow 500+ followers from a 2M Direct Message campaign. NFT Projects can grow between 1000 to 3000 Discord Members per 500K messages sent on average, leading to more NFTs sold and members gained. 



Results may vary based on the credibility your profile has, the type of accounts we target, and the message/service being promoted therefore we CAN NOT guarantee results, therefore no refunds are possible when using this service.

NFT projects can gain traction quickly using these methods, typically yielding 1000 or more discord members and followers per 100K DMs! Depending on a lot of factors, results may vary! 


How do you take payment?


We take payment via an invoice like Square or Stripe. You can pay with a credit or debit card. Now accepting Ethereum as well!


Examples of Direct Message Campaigns In Real Life