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Top-Tier Lead Generation | Celebrity Advertising | Press Publications

🔑 A Top PR & Branding Firm Since 2019 

We lead when others follow, thousands of clients served worldwide (Just like you)


CK MEDIA LLC is a Los Angeles-built social media marketing company specializing in lead generation, celebrity advertising, and top-tier press solutions. Founded in Los Angeles in 2019 by Chris Kostantewicz, now located in Tampa, FL since late 2022. We've worked with some of the world's most talented actors, models, entrepreneurs, physicians, and crypto / NFT projects to amplify their social presence, maximizing their ability to stand out online. 

After 4 years, we've pivoted our strategies countless times developing new solutions to give our clients the best possible results, not many have endured the test of time as we have so far!  If you'd like to know more, reach out to Chris on IG @kostantewicz. 

Meet the founder 
Chris Kostantewicz


Chris has over 7 years of social media marketing experience, starting from working for small startups in Los Angeles, at times working in collaboration with Netflix & Sony, he realized that he could take the skills he learned and apply them to his own business which is how CK MEDIA LLC was born. 

Since then, Chris has independently helped thousands of the world's most elite brands grow their social media presence. 

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ck media


Growth and Expansion

Since 2019 we've used a variety of industry-standard practices to help clients amass thousands of followers across their social media profiles. This includes celebrity paid advertising, software systems to organically generate leads & engagement in addition to making exclusive partnerships for our clientele with well-known celebrities. 


When it comes to building an audience across social, ck media has you covered.  



Web3 Expertise

Ck Media excels in the realm of Web3, enabling numerous NFT & Crypto projects to exceed their highest aspirations through successful marketing campaigns across Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and TikTok. These efforts have resulted in multi-million-dollar gains for both the teams and token holders.

Let's Work Together!

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